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SO WHAT? Your Life Your Purpose Live It

The power of positive thinking and creating the life you want on your terms. Learn to live a life of purpose by your core beliefs and values. Develop the power to reach your goals. Believe in yourself in everything you do. Motivate your life and let your past go. Gain control over your circumstances and pursue your dreams with fervor. Learn how Theresa found her purpose through her pain and developed a purposed filled life by allowing God to manifest her gift in making a meaningful difference in other people lives.

Theresa’s book will teach you how to overcome obstacles, see and think of yourself as a leader, learn how to tap into your creative potential, achieve balance, reduce financial worries, learn how to live and not just exist, overcome fear, build the business of your dreams, assume control over your circumstances, use your past to excel to a new dimension of success and improve your personal and professional relationships. Become the new you today.

Life isn't about finding yourself. Life is about creating yourself. So What, if you hit a few bumps along the way, So What, you have a past, So What, you lost something inside of you, So What you've been judged. See and think of yourself as a leader and dare to go forward.

You will be creating for the rest of your life, you might as well do it on purpose. I came from pain and I changed the game. What will be your next position?

So What? Your Life Your Purpose Live It. Book Release March 2019.

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