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Living a Life of Fraud-who are you?

Don’t mistake movement for achievement. It’ easy to get faked out by being busy. The question is busy doing what?

Have you ever pretended to be something you’re not to make your life look better than what it really is and to put on a mask for other people? Let me tell you why you will crumble and fall at some point with the pretending. I remember in my young adult life, I hung with a group of women that made me feel inferior. I felt like to be a part of the group or “click” as some would say today, I needed to be of a certain status. Therefore I became irresponsible just so I can keep up with the jones. I wasn’t paying my bills, I was spending my money on material things I no longer have to this day. All because I wanted to fit in with the woman I was hanging with and wanted to be accepted. Firstly, if you have to pretend to be someone you are not with individuals you consider to be friends, you may want to reform your circle. Now was it the group of women’s fault that I was pretending? not at all because I should have realized they were not my friends and cut tides way earlier than I did. I take full responsibility for my actions. It was a lot of pressure trying to fake someone else other than who I truly was, as a matter of fact I lost me in the process. After cutting off the so-called friend’s I still felt the need to keep up an image of being important. Therefore, I continued to spend money I didn’t have available to make myself look as if I had more money than I really did and before you knew it, I was broke. That’s called low self-esteem. An issue that started with me and only I could take action to change my mindset in other words get my mind right.

I had three bank accounts in the negative with children I could barely afford to feed. When I coach individuals, I like to be authentic and transparent as I possibly can to help you from making some of the same mistakes. Yes experience is a great teacher, however sometimes you want to utilize wisdom. I promise you, going broke to turn your mess into a message may not be a lucrative move. The difference now oppose to back then over 2 decades ago is we have social media platforms where everyone and anyone can pretend to be whatever or whomever they would like to be. I challenge you today to take the mask off, live and walk in your truth. Who are you truly behind the mask? it doesn’t matter who you pretend to be or how happy you pretend to be, once you escape from social media you will have to deal with the real you. Imagine looking in the mirror not knowing who the person is staring back on the other side. You may want to ask yourself why am I living a life of fraud? It wasn’t until I lost a few things and went broke before I had my reality check. What I learned from the experience is being authentic means being free, being able to finally create the life I wanted and deserved. Everything I spoke into existence did not come to fruition until I took the mask off. Don’t be afraid to deal with the real person underneath. Tap into your true self and start to live an abundant life. Great things will manifest once you remove the mask.

Ask yourself today what steps are you willing to take to walk in your truth and create the life you want. Transparency is removing the mask and believing you can succeed without requiring validation from other’s. Get out of your own way and create a path to receive all the blessings God has in store for you. If you or someone you know is dealing with low self-esteem please feel free to reach out to us for more information how you can achieve realistic goals and change your mindset.

Until we speak again,

Have a great week on purpose!

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