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Theresa Murphy, Inc.

Step into your greatness.

Upgrading you to a first class future.


Yes, I have been stuck, including 3 bank accounts in the negative, along with my mind and my spirit. Just imagine getting up daily with no sense of direction, a negative mindset, and one hundred excuses of why you are stuck. It's the worse life experience ever.  It is even harder trying to figure out how to get the most sacred things in your life back on track.   But you know you are meant for greatness!

Are you ready to get unstuck, be unstoppable, change your financial status, and challenge your fears?

Theresa Murphy, Inc.

You know the struggles, and you want to use your experiences to expand your world and talent in your own life and career.  You know you have what it takes to succeed, but you can't seem to get past your daily struggles.  You see other women building and growing their businesses, careers and families and wonder how they can while you’re still stuck living paycheck to paycheck. You need help. You need someone that can help you take the steps to challenge your fears and increase your bank account, and that’s why I’m here!

I'm Theresa Murphy, your coach for sky rocketing your motivation! I have been living the dream you dream of, but that hasn’t always been the case.  There was a darker time and struggle for me as well. Back in 2007 I pulled up my bank account and realized that, not only were there $0 funds in all 3 of my bank accounts, but they were all in the negative and I was in such a dark place where I could not see the light at the end of the tunnel. Basically to me my life was over.


For some reason at that very moment I really didn’t care. After weeks went by, I realized I needed to change my mindset to be able to change my situation. The zone I was in was taking me further to rock bottom, exactly where I hit before I got an epiphany.  I no longer allowed what I been through to hinder me from my breakthrough. 


It’s a lot to deal with, right?   I started to meditate and read spiritual books in the hopes I will at least rebuild my self-esteem.  I’ve realized the only way to get unstuck is to detach from the outcome of our decisions and the fears about things not working out, and instead focus solely on what it is exactly you want and need.


In this way, the uncertainty can lead to opportunity.  I no longer played the victim to my circumstances and took full responsibility for my downfall, hence why it is so important to have people in your circle that are uplifting. However the internal peace must start with you and you must learn to embrace change.  

Develop the tools and resources to grow personally and professionally while skyrocketing your motivation and developing a 6 figure mindset.

Theresa Murphy, Inc.

"Ms. Murphy was a featured panelist on my Small Business Seminar panel and she brought a wealth of knowledge and experience to the table!  She gave tips based on her years of experience that helped steer potential entrepreneurs in the right direction.  I am so happy I met her and she was willing to contribute to the growth of others!!"

- Yasmin Young | Owner, 26Talent, LLC

“I was skeptical about professional coaching and the online master class until I tried it and it worked! When I started coaching with Theresa Murphy, my business started to take off and I hired more help and I am currently seeing progress, which was just a dream before coaching. I could not have done this without Theresa’s help. She pushed me to take actions outside my comfort zone. Some examples include monetizing my message, overcoming fear and building my self esteem . She coached me through my resistance to engage in business marketing activities. Working with Theresa made me think at new levels I was not aware existed.

Janeene Davis

Skyrocketing your motivation and developing a Millionaire mindset.

The 12-step blueprint discovering your gift, changing your mindset and building a sustainable 7 figure business on purpose.

Theresa Murphy, Inc.

Are you tired of being broke? Get out of your own way. Make excellence your way of being.  Learn from 2 industry experts, 5 key action plan what it takes to build financial wealth.


  • Grow your leads and increase ROI.

  • Learn how Theresa has maintained 10 years of business success.

  • Learn your skill requirements that work for you; one size does not fit all.

  • Let’s talk vision-What are your short term goals

  • What are excuses? What’s really holding you back?

  • How to develop client relationships

  • How to overcome roadblocks

  • Discovering your gift

  • Action plans

  • Necessary requirements to start your business

  • Learn Time Management –how to balance your personal and professional life

  • Learn how to obtain Business Funding

  • Release the negative influencers in your life

  • Step out your comfort zone

  • BONUS one on one 15-minute coaching session for any additional questions you may have with Theresa upon completion.


How to write a stellar business plan
  • Map out and grow your business  with a step by step guide.


Marketing and vision:
  • The power of email marketing and building a email list.

  • Marketing get's you known - Sales get's you paid

  • How to turn your fans and likes into paying customers.

  • 5 key points you need to master NOW

       before becoming an entrepreneur.

  • Building the business of your dreams without the stress.

Business Diagnostics:
  • You are asked to work through a number of diagnostic tools to analyze your current situation.

Time management:

Tackle those feelings of being overwhelmed and getting it all done.

ONLY a $497 investment 60% less than 6 week in person sessions with optional payment plans. Invest in your future TODAY!

With this coaching package, you’ll get regular responses from me, which will enable you to clarify your progress, and ask questions if you get stuck along the way. Just think of me as your business partner, that person to bounce ideas off, someone who won’t judge your master plan, but who will accompany you on the journey to getting there (maybe testing the reality of some of your assumptions along the way!)


You will walk away with the knowledge, skills, courage, motivation and a 6-figure mindset that will assist you in starting your business, growing your business and STAYING in business for the long term.

  • Direction how to get started

  • Mastering your craft

  • Stepping outside of your comfort zone

  • The first step how to start building wealth

  • The 90-day exit plan to leave your 9-5

  • How to get unstuck

  • How to double your customer base in 30 days

  • How to write a stellar business plan


Designed for the aspiring entrepreneur woman ready to change her way of life, stop making excuses, advance in her career, spend more time with her family, and gain financial freedom.


Let’s get started!   I can’t wait to help you on your journey.

Theresa Murphy, Inc.
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