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“Your next BOLD business move starts here”

Entrepreneur Training Academy (ETA)

Our Entrepreneur Training Academy (ETA) will help you learn and develop the key components to becoming a successful entrepreneur. The training is a 3-day intense live webinar facilitated by Author, CEO, and Life Coach Theresa Murphy.  You will be exposed to the content, context, and contacts that enable entrepreneurs to design and launch successful new ventures from the comfort of your own home. JUNE 28, THRU JUNE 30, 8:30-9:30PM

What will you learn?


Module 1-Day 1

The DNA of entrepreneurship-How and where to get started-3 insanely ways to increase your profit in 30 days

  • 5 proven success strategies that will double your customer base in 4 weeks

  • How to start a non-profit-Learn the essentials of a non-profit

  • How to obtain business funding when the traditional banks say NO (meet business investors)

  • How to incorporate your business-why you need to make your business legal

  • How to write a stellar business plan

  • How to reach your target audience-Stop wasting time on an audience that doesn’t generate income

Module 2-Day 2

The key to an effective marketing plan-secrets from the experts how to make your marketing plan work for you on a budget

  • Networking that matters – Learning the right networking events that work for you

  • The business survival guide- Learn what it takes to survive the first 5 years in business

  • Learn 3 strategies to promote your business the right way

  • How to automate your business and make money while you sleep

  • How to build an effective email list from scratch –learn the correct way

Module 3-Day 3

  • Why social media marketing isn’t working for you

  • How Theresa grew and sustains her 6 figure business

  • WHY and when you should leave your 9-5

  • 3 steps to becoming a successful consultant

  • Understanding the difference between gross margin and markup

  • When should to hire help

Who should attend?

  1. Aspiring entrepreneurs

  2. New business owners who are not generating income

  3. Individuals who are stuck

  4. If you are miserable at your current job

  5. Those who want to generate more income and spend more time with family

  6. If you are ready to LIVE and not just exist

  7. If social media is killing your time

  8. If you have questions that you want answered live regarding entrepreneurship

  9. If you need help on how to set and achieve goals

  10. If you need proven success strategies how to reach your target market

GET the scoop from Theresa how she went broke by experiencing business failure; and how she took back control of her life to grow her businesses into 6 figure entity’s in 6 months.  Learn from the experts.


STOP spinning your wheels and excel past what you currently see about your life. Knowledge isn’t POWER, APPLIED knowledge is POWER!


For only a small introductory investment of $97 you will receive a step by step guide that will lead you to a life of long-term financial wealth.  


ONLY $97 for a limited time. Don’t miss out on this offer. Originally priced at $297 (button Reserve my spot) 

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